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Wrigley’s Juicy Fruit

Wrigley's Juicy Fruit Original Bubble Gum is the classic Juicy Fruit Bubble Gum flavour that you know and love.


Triko Foods Garlic

Triko Foods Garlic Green Peas snacks are a very popular snack not only in Taiwan, but also throughout Asia.  This delicious garlic green peas is made by one of the oldest brands, Triko Sheng Xiang Zhen in Taiwan. The green peas are crunchy and the garlic flavour is perfectly balanced and delicious. This packet contains […]


Singsing Corn Fried

Singsing Corn Fried Snack is a traditional "old-school" Korean snack made from fried corn and is coated with a sweet and slaty flavouring. Called "Memories of Paddy Fields", this crunchy snack is sure to transport you to a time and place, almost forgotten. An ideal, anytime snack.


Senjaku Momo Zukushi

Senjaku Momo Zukushi Assorted Peach Flavoured Candy are hard peach flavoured candies from Japan. Each pack contains five different types of peach inspired flavours.


Senjaku Matcha Soft

Senjaku Matcha Soft Cream Candy are both delicious to eat and fun to look at. A Japanese candy that looks like a soft serve ice cream and tastes like a creamy green tea Matcha ice cream. A definite must try for any candy and ice cream lover.


Senjaku Hiyashuwa Ramune

Senjaku Hiyashuwa Ramune Soda Candy is a delicious and unique soda flavoured Japanese candy. Each eye-catching bag of candies contain 4 different candies with a variety of soda-like sensations - refreshing, cooling and fizzy.


Samyang Sattobab Popcorn

Samyang Sattobab Popcorn Snack is a soft popped corn snack that melts in your mouth. When you need a tasty snack for binge-watching a movie with your family or friends, popcorn is always a favorite! Samyang Sattobab is a Korea Style popcorn snack with a soft and fluffy texture and a deliciously sweeten and savoury taste.


Samyang Chang Gu,

Samyang Chang Gu, Honey Dipped Snack Original is a deliciously crunchy corn snack that is both sweet and savoury. Consisting of crispy and crunchy savoury fried corn rings dipped in honey and then topped with sesame seeds for a more intense flavour. This delicious snack combines the sweetness of honey and the savouriness of corn, making for a tantalisingly irresistible combination.


Reese’s Puff Treats

Start your day off the wholesome and satisfying way with Reese’s Puff Treats Cereal Bar. This bar is packed with the rich flavours of decadent chocolate and satisfying peanut butter, giving you a simply delicious treat


Pepperidge Farm Goldfish

Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Colors Cheddar Crackers is The Snack That Smiles Back. Goldfish-shaped cheddar cheese flavoured crackers in a variety of bright colours. Goldfish crackers are always baked, free of artificial preservatives and flavours.


Ou Jiang Brand

These uncooked prawn crackers are easy to prepare and delicious to eat as an anytime snack. It comes in multiple colours. Prawn crackers are deep fried crackers made from starch and prawn that serve as flavouring. They are a popular snack in parts of Southeast and East Asia. Prawn crackers or shrimp puffs are a […]


Ottogi Ppusyeottang Spicy

Ottogi Ppusyeottang Spicy Chicken Flavoured Popped Rice Snack is a unique snack unlike anything you've probably had before. A delicious and crunch popped rice snack. This is the spicy chicken flavour version. An ideal snack for when you're on-the-go or just want something a little different.


Orion Sun Chips

Orion Sun Chips Garlic Baguette Flavour is a natural grain snack in the style os a nacho chip. Made in a unique wave shape for a texture that is as if it were grilled, It has a good chewy and crispy texture and a savoury, Garlic Baguette flavour. Delicious with your favourite dip or on its own as an anytime snack.


Orion Miz Black

Orion Miz Black is a deliciously crunchy chocolate biscuit snack, in bite-sized pieces. They are an ideal anytime sweet snack that can also be eaten as breakfast cereal with milk. Each box comes with 2 mini snack packs that you can conveniently take with you wherever you go.   Ingredients Enriched Wheat Flour (Wheat), Sugar, Margarine (Partially […]


Orion Gosomi Sweet

Are they crackers or are they cookies or are they biscuits? It doesn’t really matter because whatever you want to call them, thy are DELICIOUS! Orion Gosomi Sweet & Salty Crackers are the PERFECT balance between sweet and salty. As a result you can pretty much snack on them anytime. Perfect with a cup of […]


Orion Choco Pie

Choco Pie by Orion is a layered chocolate biscuit, consisting of two cake-like biscuit layers, sandwiching soft and delicious marshmallow center and covered in smooth milk chocolate. As the box implies, these delicious chocolate treats are fluffy and irresistible. 0g Trans fat No Preservatives No Artificial Colour INGREDIENTS Wheat flour, sugar, corn syrup, shortening, hydrogenated […]


Orihiro Purunto Konjac

Orihiro Purunto Konjac Jelly Muscat (white grape) is a delicious and healthy Konjac Jelly drink and snack that is both tasty and healthy. The jelly has a soft texture and a delicious fruity flavour. Konjac jelly is low in calories and full of dietary fibre, making this a very healthy and nutritious anytime snack.


Orihiro Purunto Konjac

Orihiro Purunto Konjac Jelly Lychee is a delicious and healthy Konjac Jelly drink and snack that is both tasty and healthy. The jelly has a soft texture and a delicious fruity flavour. Konjac jelly is low in calories and full of dietary fibre, making this a very healthy and nutritious anytime snack.