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Assi Brand Hot

Use as a seasoning sauce for cold noodle, fried noodle and rice. A sauce for meats, and all other dishes. Tastes great as a dipping sauce for meat, fish, vegetables. This is a savoury red chilli paste, it is used to make ‘Bibimbap’ and ‘Tteokbokki’. Gochujang can also be used to flavour stews, spice up […]


Assi Black Bean

Assi Black Bean Paste or Chunjang/Jjajang is a black, salty soybean paste that is used for making the sauce for jjajangmyeon, a very popular Korean Chinese cuisine. It literally means “spring sauce.” What makes Korean chunjang different from the Chinese chunjang is that Korean chunjang contains caramel, creating a perfect balance of savoury and sweet […]