We are a Food importer and distributor of Asian food products specializing in Korean and
Japanese cuisine situated in Linbro Business Park, Johannesburg.

Our mother company, Hankook Trading, has been operating since 1995. Our main objective is to introduce
healthy tasty Asian food products & Asian culture to the mainstream retail market in South Africa.

With increasing interest in healthy food & Asian culture and our promotion strategy, we believe we will
create a new eating culture in South Africa.


Our 100% authentic Asian food products are sourced from reputable distributors and importers with exclusive access
to premium food producers in various Asian countries, using only the best ingredients and accurate shelf-life dating methods.

Introducing an Asian lifestyle from east to south!


In 1991, a little Korean family decided to take on the adventure of a lifetime and immigrate to South Africa.

Back then, there were only a few Koreans living in South Africa. There was also a very small Asian community, and the supply
of Asian food products was extremely difficult to find.

China town was developed at the end of Commissioner Street in Johannesburg town, but even then, the food products were limited.
People mostly had what they brought back from their home countries, sharing with those around them. Expired noodles were served
only when there were important guests in the house.

Living in a foreign country and craving home food made us all homesick, not only for the food but for our family too. All Ok Joo Lee,
(who was the mother of the Korean family), wanted to have was some hot spicy fresh Korean noodles to ease the craving for home.

One day Mrs. Lee decided to bring Korean noodles to South Africa, she couldn’t even speak proper English, but she studied and learned
how to import products from her home country. She then finally decided in 1995 to open her own import company in South Africa, and
named her company HANKOOK TRADING.

And what did the first container from Korea have inside you might ask? Nothing else but noodles!

Thinking back now on how her journey started Mrs. Lee said; “I brought it thinking that if I can’t sell it, I will eat it all by myself!”

She started her business in her garage, but the garage was too small for a 20ft container. Noodle boxes were in the living room, kitchen,
even in her bedroom…but she was happy. Not only was she happy, but her family, and the little Asian community who was living in South Africa.

With the support of the Asian community, she decided to open her first store in Rivonia Johannesburg. It was an 80m2 store and mostly
had Asian customers and slowly it started to grow.

She started distributing to Chinese wholesalers and supplying to restaurants one store after the other. Not only did she supply
food products from Korea but Asia in general.

Many South Africans didn’t know a lot or anything at all about Korean or Asian food in general. Back then there were only a few Chinese
takeaway stores and restaurants. But with globalization, and many foreign countries’ input and South Africa becoming a multi-national
and multi-cultural nation, today Asian food is also part of South Africa’s daily meals.

Years later Hankook trading established WEMACO Holdings to start local distribution in South Africa, operating three
stores with local distribution outlets as the ‘Heart of Asian Food”.